Fail Forward To Success

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WELCOME BACK.  Nelson Boswell once said: “The difference between greatness and mediocrity is often how an individual views mistakes”. If you want to continue on the road to success, you need to learn to fail forward to success. Most of us have been conditioned to look only at the end result of any person’s long success, but forgotten about the many races and events he has lost over the years, the adjustments and learning he has sustained along the way. The mediocre of this life are often afraid of failure and rejection that they spend their whole lives avoiding risks that could lead to failure. They don’t realize that success is based on their ability to fail and continue trying. Failure can be a springboard to success. The great achievers don’t let failure go to their heads, instead of dwelling on the negative consequence of failure, thinking of what might have been and how things haven’t worked out, they focus on the rewards of success learning from their mistakes and thinking about how they can improve themselves and their situations.

The successful men and women keep moving forward despite all odds befalling them. They make mistakes along the way, but they don’t quit. Their failure has value, it strengthen them. Each time they experience failure, it remind them that they are closer to their potential or to their dream. Let me use this opportunity to tell you the story of Tom Walson, Sr., who founded IBM, had a top junior executive who spent $12 million of the company’s money on an experiment that failed. The executive put his resignation on Watson’s desk, saying,  I am sure that you want my resignation” Walson said,  “No, I don’t want your resignation. I have just spent $12 million, educating you, it is about time you get to work.” Walson knew that there is such a thing as successful failure. That was serious! Failure can either slough you down or help you along on the way to the top of your chosen field. There is no way you can walk on the road of success without experiencing failure. All you need do is to train yourself to think of failure as mileage markers. Each time you fail, know that you have traveled another mile farther on the road to your potential. Remember, it’s only through repeated failure that you can achieved success.

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You will succeed!

Israel Onyije 
Success Leading Coach 
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