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One of the greatest success key is to stir up your gifts and talents that’s in you for extraordinary success. The gift of God that’s already in you, can only be expressed by your responsibility. Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God in you”.

God created everyone with a specific gifts. He equipped them with the power and abilities to fulfill the gifts that’s already deposited in their lives. When you discover, pursue and actualize this divine gifts, you will automatically position yourself on the path of success.

The power to position yourself on this path is entirely under your own control. God will not do it for you. Many people around the world spend their lives out of God’s purpose because they refuse to utilize their gift God has bless them. Your gift laid waste until you stir them up. When you stir-up and begin to apply them for use, you will set yourself on a supernatural course to fulfill your destiny in life.

Your gifts are instruments of power. Your gifts will lift you to heights that nothing else can take it. God works through your gift to lift you, promote you and bless you. Your gift is what elevate you, makes a way, create a path and opens doors of opportunities for you. You have a gift inside of you screaming for expression. My good friend, make it happen. It’s only you that can make it happen.

Remember, to succeed in life, you must ask yourself the following question: “What am I really interested at? What will distinguish me and set me apart as special and unique in a lineup of my friends?  What can I do best? After all this questions, listen attentively to your inner heart and see how God brings the answer to you effortlessly.

When you develop your gift, you will begin to make extraordinary progress in life. Your gift will take you to the top of your ladder. No matter how discouraging the journey may look like. Hold on to  it, build your life around it and follow it diligently and you will work your way to inevitable success.

Thank you for reading to this end, see you again for another interesting and soul uplifting spiritual and universal principles. Don’t miss it.

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You will succeed!

Israel Onyije 
Success Christian Coach 
For: Wizzymed Power International