Your Potential Is Unlimited

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Russell M. Nelson once said:  Who are we? We are children of God. Our potential is unlimited. Our inheritance is sacred. May we always honor that heritage in every thought and deed.”  And I have to say, “The power of your potential talks so much about your true success in life”. When you discover your potential, and realize how much you can be then, you will go forward to accomplish what you think is possible.

Anne Frank, the young girl who lived in the terrors of the Nazi persecution during world war II, wrote these inspiring words in her diary. “Everyone has inside himself a piece of good news, the good news is the”YOU” you really don’t know how great you can be, how much you can love, what you can accomplish,  and what your potential is. Without realizing your potential for true success or living God’s will for your lives, you get lost in closed circuit, thinking drowned in your petty world, immersed in your petty quarrels and jealousies, instead let us look unto God who is able to do all things in your life. As the psalmist said: “I will lift up mine eye’s unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth”  Psalm 121:1-2.

True success comes through your passion. Outside passion, there is no success. It’s who you are, It’s what you must and will do no matter what. It’s what is going to allow you to commit yourself to getting what your heart desires. Dr. Mike Murdock said: “What generates passion and real in you is a clue to revealing your destiny. What you love is a clue to something you contain”. Your passion is what drives you to greater accomplishment.  Success is all about passion, because it is the evident of what you are created to be.

Fulfilling God’s will for your life is a passionate idea or it is nothing. Edgar Guast said: “Before any man can wake up and find himself famous, he has to awake up and find himself and be his original self”. It’s Important to know what makes you happy, for that which makes you happy is a clear indication of who you are created to be.  Henri Frederic Amell said: Without passion man is a mere latent force and a possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark.

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You will succeed!

Israel Onyije
Success Christian Coach
For: Wizzymed Power International