Day: April 22, 2019

Commit Yourself To What You Want

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WELCOME BACK. The scripture says: “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act”. This is to recognize the fact that commitment to the Lord is a doorway to succeeding in life and ministry. Commitment leads to action and action brings your dream closer. Commitment is what transforms the promises of God into reality. Commitment is a magnet to your life assignment. You see, you will never amount to anything in life as long as you continue to blame someone else or something else for your predicament. You created the thoughts that led to your actions. You formed the feelings that led to your thoughts. That’s why you are where you are. And if you want to change where you are, you are going to stop complaining or blaming people about your life and circumstances. You are going to take a long, hard look at yourself and your creator. When you commit yourself to what you want in life, it provoke divine direction and accomplishment. God acting on belief of you, it required your total responsibility, total accountability and total commitment to what you really want in life. Remember, you become what you think most of the time. Be sure that you are thinking and talking about the things you want rather than the things you don’t want. Keep your mindset positive by accepting total responsibility for yourself and for everything that happens to you. Refuse to criticize or blame someone else or something else for anything that happens. Keep your thoughts and energy focused on the things you can do to improve your life.

T.D. Jakes an inspirational preacher of the gospel of God once said: “You cannot conquer what you are not committed to”. This is real truth, and that’s what it all boils down to. With commitment, you can change your life and a life totally committed to God has nothing to fear, nothing to lose, and nothing to regret. If you are willing to be committed to an action, then you can progress towards more success and financial abundance. But, if you are not willing to stay dedicated and loyal to the things that are needed, then nothing will ever change in your life. Things will happen of course, but they will be the same things that have happened to you before. And that’s insanity. The act of doing something the same way over and over again. People are attracted to others who are committed, not just in what they want, but in what they want to become. Nobody wants to listen to someone with promises and hopes that may fail, they want to listen to someone who has concrete plans to make things happen. That’s why the most committed people are leaders. They are the ones that are committed to success and make the plans to follow through with that success. Other people naturally look up to them as a leader because their level of commitment is huge and they are capable of making decisions and taking action to get things done. Moreover, leaders look towards committed followers for input and help. That’s why the boss will pick someone who appears committed to the company or organization for an important task. Remember, if you want a better life, you must commit yourself to the success you want rather than the things you don’t want.

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Israel Onyije
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