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Strengthen Others With Your Gift (Part 2)

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It will interest you to note that Saul had come to seek the life of David in the wilderness of ziph in a forest.  And Jonathan Saul’s son arose and met David in the forest. And he strengthened his hand in God. And he said to him, do not fear, for the hand of Saul my father will not find you.  And you will be king over Israel and I will be next to you, and Saul my father knows this also, so the two made a covenant before the Lord. And David stayed in the forest and Jonathan went to his house – 1 Samuel 23:17.

Jonathan developed his mind, visited David and encouraged him in the Lord by speaking words of affirmation to him, words that lifted his soul, words that bring hope to him. You must break the mirror you have been staring into looking for signs of success.  It’s not about you, it is about others and what you can do to support the learning and growth of those around you.  You need to change the measure of success.

You will be successful if your team member feel strong, capable and efficacious and strengthening other’s.  On the contrary, it comes through holding people accountable, pushing them beyond their perception of their capabilities and providing experience that lead to experimentation, occasional failure and frequent learning.  At different points in your life, you will shift your own personal definition of success. The day you gain responsibility for the work of others is one of those points.

The bible say in Luke 22:31-32 and the Lord said, Simon, Simon behold, Satan had desire to have you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you that your faith fail not, and when you are converted, strengthen your brothers. Peter was reminded that Satan had plans to attack him on some level, but the prayers of Jesus added strength to his faith.

The thing that Peter must now do having been delivered from the destruction that Satan desired to do to him, is to strengthen, to encourage, or to inspire hope in someone else who may be presently going through a trial. To strengthened or inspire hope on one another is an opportunity to establish the dignity and the destiny of the person who is going through hard times.

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You will succeed!

Israel Onyije