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Albert Einstein once said: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”. The difference between the great and the mediocre of this life is passion. You will only succeed at the high frequency of your excitement. Passion is more than mere excitement, it is the willingness to pour your life into whatever you do. It’s a state of mind which holds every other attraction as tasteless in comparison with your primary objective, focus or dream.

Passion is being possessed by your dream. Passionate people engage in an enterprise and do all that it takes to succeed. Passionate people wake up when others are asleep and work out the details of their dream. They think through every conceivable angle and make decisions that will carry them forward.

Passion for your dream empowers you to do exploit in life and ministry. You tap into incredible stream of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strength which you never knew you possessed. I am passionate about inspiring people to climb the ladder of success. I can talk for hours on this subject from various angles and I won’t be exhausted or tired. If you are always feeling drained and uninspired at your job, it may be just because you are working at a job you are not passionate about. Passion will get you to be the first to get to your office and most probably be the last to leave.

Passion is giving all your heart and mind to a dream. It’s what moves people to sell all they have to invest in their dream. In the bible book of Matthew 13:44 a man found a great treasure hidden in a piece of landed property. He went and sold all he possessed and bought that land. Passion makes you take calculated risks towards the attainment of your goals. Without taking calculated risks, you will not amount much in life.

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You will succeed!

Israel Onyije 
Success Christian Coach
For: Wizzymed Power International

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