Day: July 5, 2016

The Power Of Your Mind

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I  want to emphasize on the need for you to have a plan for this second quarter of the year. When you work hard without a plan, you lose direction like a ship on the high sea without a compass. This is because a plan defines your destination and direction in life.

I learnt that it is not necessarily the size of the army that wins a war; it is usually the superiority of strategy. Careful planning guarantees victory, why because wisdom is better than might.

So, let me ask you, what is your winning plan for this second quarter? What will you do differently? Map out a well thought out plan for your success today.

Your ability to set goals and to make plan is the master skill of success. Write down your goals and make plans to achieve them and work on your plans every single day. Without goals you simply drift and flow on the current of life. With goal you fly like an arrow straight and through to your target.

Clear goals increase your confidence, clear goals develop your competence and clear goals boast your level of motivation.

Tom Hopkins said: goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement. You see, the greatest discovering in human history is the power of your mind to create almost every aspect of your life. The scriptures says: But without thy mind would I do nothing….. (Philemon 1:14)

Everything you see around you in the man-made world begins as a thought in the mind of a person before it was translated into reality.  You become what you think most of the time. Your outer world ultimately become a reflection of your inner world and mirror back to you what you think about.

Living without clear goals is like driving in a thick fog. Clear goals enable you to step on the speed of your own life and race ahead rapidly towards achieving more of what you really want. Comment your answers below and if you like this post please share it.

You will succeed!

Israel Onyije 
CEO Wizzymed Power International